137 Pillars House Chiang Mai

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137 Pillars House was PERFECT. This is the type of hotel we love!. Gorgeous, amazing service, insanely beautiful rooms and small (30 suites total) .

My dear friend (like a sister) Nanda totally hooked me up in Chiang Mai with a “what to do when there” full plan. So we followed obediently starting with the hotel she stayed when she was there. And there is a reason we are such good friends, she has great taste….among other qualities.

Check-in area

137 Pillars House Check-in


We mentioned it was our anniversary upon check-in and got upgraded from an East Borneo Suite to a William Bain Terrace Suite. While they cleaned the big suite, we were told to wait with our hibiscus purple welcome drinks in the East Borneo Suite. Here are some pictures. This room was already stunning so we got very excited for what was still to come.

The pool




East Borneo Suite

thailand 367

thailand 365

thailand 366

thailand 364

The bigger room was ready really quickly; we were barely done taking pictures and moved to our massive suite. Wow!!!!!!!!!! Huge and gorgeous, so many cute details, all so thoughtful and special. And the balcony has a stunning view of the hotel grounds and pool.

William Bain Terrace Suite







The staff at the hotel was lovely, always ON and aware of what you were trying to accomplish and eager to help. Several staff members worth mentioning, also their names are brilliant: Nikki, Toast, Beer, Biggie and my man, named MAN, who served us cocktails at night. We asked beer the origin of his name and he explained that his granfather loved beer and his dad does too.

We had drinks at the hotel two nights, how can you not want to spend every night sitting outside, or inside in the game room or anywhere. The drinks could use a bit more booze, but that seemed like a constant theme from the trip. I think they use little alcohol with the 430% import fees, or I am really learning the true British lifestyle quickly and becoming immune….

The breakfast was fantastic with so many options from bircher muesli to Thai specialties to dim sum. Plus omlettes, pancakes or whatever you dream of. Fresh juices, nice pastries and the works. In once again, a gorgeous setting. Or with no extra charge you can have breakfast delivered to your room which came in very handy the day we had to wake up very early and rush to the airport.





Forget the Chedi and any other hotels. This is the place to stay. Plus the location is very good, 10 minutes by tuk tuk from wherever you want to go.


At night




137 Pillars House http://www.snhcollection.com/137pillarshouse/

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    Your review is spot on. Def one of the best hotels we’ve ever stayed in. We stayed in the exact same room. I bet they stick all the brasilians with the surname stewart in there.

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