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The Abingdon was the perfect choice for a casual easy dinner to see my friend Pedro and reconnect. We had not seen each other in 15 years and I saw on instagram he was in London and posted one of those irritating: caught you, you are in London and won’t see me??? He had no choice but to rearrange plans and have dinner with me. He looks great and has not aged but is in the greatest shape of his life and I learned how. He is super disciplined with food and works-out every day. I do too, I work-out so I can eat, and my six-pack abs are very far from existing or showing. So, I got inspired (for one night) and we decided to be healthy with our meal, up until dessert. Claire had told me that their sticky toffee is amazing, and as it happens, Pedro is a huge fan of sticky toffee from when he lived in London so immediately decided to break his rules.

What we ate:

Pinot noir poached scallops with citrus pomegranate salad and tempura capers: We both ordered this as we love scallops. Very odd dish, I like my scallops seared, and not brown/purple. They were poached in wine so assumed a weird color, and texture. The salad was lovely, the pomegranate abundant and the capers added a nice crunch. Next time I am following Claire’s advice and having steak

The Abington wine poached scallops

Baked cod with a fish croquette, brown shrimps, black-eyed beans, celeriac puree, tempura artichoke: We shared this in the spirit of being good. The fish was nicely cooked, maybe needed a bit more salt. The croquette was very tasty and the fried artichoke was fun, but why fry such a great vegetable (or is it a flower or fruit?)


Roasted broccoli: as good as it gets when it comes to roasted broccoli, which actually happens to be my favorite veggie. Nice char on it, perfectly al-dente.

Sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce & clotted cream: As usual, cream replaced by ice-cream, but on the side so wouldn’t melt in 3 seconds. Pedro debated if we should have one each but we decided to share. And were very polite offering the last bite to each other, but secretly wanting it. Sticky, gooey, sweet and delicious like it is meant to be. He claims the dates should be chunkier and larger, but I am ok with it, just the way it was……and he seemed to be as well as he ate the last bite…..


The Abingdon

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