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Ristr8to is the Best Coffee in Chiang Mai. Interestingly, the coffee culture in Chiang Mai is huge and latte art is the best I have ever seen. Coffee houses go crazy on designs and they are really quite amazing. My friend Prinn told me that this was a must stop and after a nice visit to the temple and exhaustion from the early flight, we were ready!

Best coffee in Chiang Mai

Latte art options

Wow, this place is incredible, super hip and cool and the coffee seriously was amazing. We struggled with what to order as the menu is fun and playful.  You can pick your beans, how the coffee is prepared, and then what coffee art you want.

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Cool menu

We went for an iced mocha (more weather appropriate) and a cappuccino and were blown away. I saw the melted gorgeous dark chocolate they used for the mocha and it looked fantastic; no wonder it was the best iced coffee ever. I had planned to have dessert post-coffee, but this satisfied all my sugar cravings without being overly sweet.

Amazing iced mocha

The cappuccino was well balanced in terms of milk quotient to coffee ratio. In sum, a perfect place to hang out and sip marvellous coffee. And remember, I am Brazilian and very picky about my coffee–for example, I refuse to drink coffee from a certain American brand that has spread all over the world despite serving coffee that tastes burned to me… (husband loves it)!

Perfect cappuccino


Select your dream coffee


More complex than it seems

Ristr8to Coffee ChiangMai, 15/3 Nimmanhemin Road, Suthep, Muang, Chiangmai, Thailand 50200







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