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Daylesford Organic in Kingham has been elevated to one of my favorite spots ever. And my expectations were extremely high as two of my friends from work who love food and my friend Lucie who spent the summer in the Cotswolds told me was a MUST. First of all, its gorgeous! You enter the restaurant through the most amazing food store, and everything is made there and so fresh.

Daylesford is an entire experience, the food shop, cooking school, café, garden shop, spa (with yoga studio and all), and a clothing shop that is lovely to look at but prohibitively expensive.



What we ate:

Welsh rarebit with Daylesford Cheddar, seasonal chutney & mixed leaves: Sooooooo perfect. Everyone should learn from them. I have been trying to find a great Welsh Rarebit since moving to London and all the ones I have tried have disappointed. This was the perfect one, the cheese was creamy with a nice crust on top but rich and gooey inside. The salad had the perfect dressing and the chutney had some sweetness but not overpowering. I rotated some bites with chutney, and some without. Should have ordered another one, but there was too much on the menu to try.


Raw slaw of heritage carrots, beets & cabbage with cashews & ginger soy dressing: couldn’t stop looking around and getting major food envy from all the gorgeous dishes people around were ordering. So, got a small side of this beautiful, fresh and delicious salad. But as our great waiter Rizvon said, the ginger dressing ties it all together and brings it from average to wow.

Mussels in a cider broth with celery, apples and root vegetables: Another amazing dish. The mussels were plump and juicy, the broth had some sweetness from the cider but just the right amount. The winter root veggies added complexity. I didn’t even need bread to soak the juices, I took the spoon and ate all the broth like a soup. Which in my opinion was way better than the cheddar, potato, leek soup.


Leek, potatoes and cheddar soup: The soup was good as it was rich and flavorful but the cheddar didn’t make it too heavy, which was a risk. But the cider mussels broth was better.


Chocolate nemesis with vanilla crème fraiche: Or in my case, butterscotch ice cream. The nemesis was very light, a little richer than a mousse but not as dense as the Nemesis from River Café. Still exceptional, with a nice bitter chocolate flavor, that paired perfectly with the sweetness of the ice cream. I told myself I would leave half, then leave one third, oh well, I was left just with the desire to come back and have some more.


I have to say service was fantastic; Risvon enters my waiters hall of fame. He has worked there for over eight years and clearly loves his job, knows the menu inside out and is extremely passionate about what they offer. Daylesford is what I crave, the type of place you want to eat at all the time. I now have to try the one in Notting Hill, but their menu is smaller, and you are not surrounded by the grounds they have in Kingham.


Daylesford near Kingham,  Gloucestershire, GL56 0YG

Telephone: 01608 731 700

Where the magic happens…..


The fantastic cheese room


Cooking classes happen in the room below


The Garden shop

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The Breakdown

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