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Have been looking forward to trying Ember Yard since the opening but had to cancel due to travel a couple of times. Georgia who works with me got me very excited during our train ride yesterday telling me her “must eats”. I was also excited because we had an amazing meal at their sister restaurant Dehesa (http://www.dehesa.co.uk/) a couple of months ago.

The place is casual and buzzy. Very cute. The service was also great. Our waiter (who works in the summers as a private boat skipper) knew the menu inside out and was passionate about it. And we drilled him with questions and he answered each and every one in detail.


What we ate:

Smoked Chorizo skewer with saffron alioli: from the bar menu. Very tasty chorizo, well grilled with creamy alioli. Enough said.


Grilled ibérico pork with whipped jamón butter: both Michael from the Gym and my friend G from work told me this was amazing. Expectations were high but it was fantastic. Porky but not fatty, perfectly charred outside with a nice crunch. The jamon butters adds richness and fattiness, and more porky taste. Delicious


Roasted ibérico ribs with quince glaze and celeriac purée: the ribs were good but a bit too sweet for my taste. My husband, who doesn’t like sweet main courses, says that when it comes to ribs, it works. They were good but a bit fatty and not as good as the rest of the meal. The celeriac puree was my favorite part, so creamy but not too rich and delicious.


Smoked burger with idiazabal cheese and chorizo ketchup: this is going to come as a very strong statement but it was the best burger WE HAVE EVER HAD. We told the table next to ours that and they said we were crazy! So we sent them one (on us) to try and they were blown away and agreed (and they had a chef as part of the group). They mix bone marrow and lardo with the ground beef and turn it into the tastiest patty ever. And was also cooked perfectly, super juicy, and even the mayo on it and the ketchup worked (and we don’t like mayo or ketchup much).


Salmon with grilled baby gem lettuce, broad beans and buttermilk veloutee: we told our waiter to surprise us between the salmon special and the cod on the menu. This dish was beautiful and was a perfect portrait of spring, green, vibrant and happy. The salmon was perfectly cooked but the highlight was the buttermilk veloutee, we ate every last drop. They could bottle it and sell it! Anything dipped in it would make an instant great dish.


Steamed and grilled octopus with pepperonata and mojo verde alioli: the octopus was extremely tender and deliciously grilled. The peperonatta and the mojo were good on their own but didn’t work together. But in a way we got two dishes in one, I had some bites with the peppers and some with the sauce.


Smoked muscavado ice cream: couldn’t help it and wanted to try a smoked ice cream. Tasted like a smoked creme brulee ice cream if that makes any sense? Hard to explain, fun to try, probably not worth on a second visit.

Bitter chocolate ganacha with salted caramel ice cream: Came with a candle to celebrate my birthday. I had heard it was amazing. It was tasty but not super original and was really like a molten chocolate cake but baked in its serving dish versus served on a plate. The caramel cream could use a bit more salt….


In Sum: super super yummy, another restaurant going on my list of must come back to! Delicious food you can have again and again, and crave often. Those burgers were really insanely good.

Ember Yard http://www.emberyard.co.uk/about-us

60 Berwick Street, London,  W1F 8SU
+44 0207 439 8057

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