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Flesh & Buns spicy beef hot stone rice

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Have been meaning to try Flesh & Buns for ages but somehow had not managed to. We were seeing Skylight, the new play with Bill Nighy and wanted something close and casual and Flesh & Buns was a great spot for a quick and delicious pre cultural immersion meal.

Flesh & Buns decor

The restaurant is fun and casual and the food is tasty and the type you want to eat again and again. Next time we also must try their drinks that are creative and look delicious. The wallpaper in the bathroom is fabulous and the decor is playful and happy.

Flesh & Buns bathroom wallpaper


What we ate:

Salmon avocado roll with asparagus and daikon cress: I was trying to be healthy so ordered the sushi rolls and the grilled mushrooms but as usual, failed miserably as I couldn’t resist all the other yummy dishes…….The sushi roll was fresh and good but you don’t go to flesh and buns for sushi do you? Silly me…..

Flesh & Buns sushi rolls

Crispy piglet belly with mustard miso and pickled apple: we imagined that the menu would be mostly bun sandwiches versus assemble your own. You pick your flesh (pork, salmon, beef) and then order buns. I wish they had a combo flesh options so we could have a bit of each instead of having to fully commit to one variety. Since it was just two of us, we of course went piglet belly which was tender, porky and delicious.

photo3 Flesh & Buns piglet and buns

Spicy beef hot stone rice with mushrooms, sesame butter: this was absolutely fantastic. The dish is served in a very hot stone pot and the waiter mixed the rice, beef and the raw egg right away. I had been craving hot pot rice as a friend was in HK this week and went to Yardbird (http://www.yardbirdrestaurant.com/index.php) which has a fried rice with chicken skin which would make my list of best dishes EVER. This dish was such a happy surprise and we ate the entire pot clean. The egg makes it moist and creamy, the mushroom adds a great earthiness and the rice gets crispy from the hot stone. A must repeat!

Flesh & Buns spicy beef hot stone rice

Grilled mushrooms: a simple and well executed side dish. Would skip and explore menu more next time.

Flesh & Buns mushrooms

I can’t wait to go back and be less rushed. We had to skip dessert as we had theatre tickets (one of the great things about living in London) but their make at the table smores looked delicious and fun.

In sum: perfect pre-theater meal!

Flesh & Buns http://www.fleshandbuns.com/

41 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LX

+44 020 7632 9500


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