I have FOMIM!

Kiin Kiin Korobuta Wild Rabbit Daylesford Rose Rabbit Lie

I know this is not one of my traditional posts but I had to share one of my recent discoveries. Yesterday, I self diagnosed my chronic case of FOMIM which means Fear of Missing Important Meals (While Traveling). FOMIM also reminds me of FOME, which means hunger in Portuguese, which makes the term even more appropriate!

I do have severe FOMIM and it does get worse and worse with time. In the past, I would do some research and reach a decision. These days, I ask my food obsessed friends and then cross that with research on the web, a shout out on Facebook and all other crazy avenues. I then end up with massive lists of places to try and book several reservations per meal until I last minute agonize some more and then decide. Once I reach that decision, I then suffer wondering if that was the right choice or if I should have gone somewhere else.

My friend Oli has a different strategy and sometimes just goes to multiple places for the same meal. My friend Pedro on the other hand who is super healthy 360 days a year, spends his 6 binge days having 6-10 meals in one day and exploring all a city has to offer. He is actually on the way to Spain to eat at http://www.mugaritz.com/ and invited me to join him but I need to be in Boston and NY for work….so mad. Having major FOMIM as I write this.

At least I am happy to find out that I am not alone and that I am just one of the many food obsessed travelers who suffer from FOMIM.


The image above is a collage of some of my best meals in the last year….

Here are the reviews:

Daylesford and Wild Rabbit in the Cotswolds: http://www.samstewartetc.com/daylesford-organic/ and http://www.samstewartetc.com/wild-rabbit-review/

Kiin Kiin in Copenhagen: http://www.samstewartetc.com/kiin-kiin/

In London (food was great, service needed help – want to try Marble Arch location): http://www.samstewartetc.com/korobuta-chelsea-pop/ ‎

In Vegas: http://www.samstewartetc.com/las-vegas-rose-rabbit-lie/


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