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So, what happened to SamStewartEtc and why Food Expectations?

 The blog used to be SamStewartEtc as I was hoping my food-obsessed friends would send me reviews of their eating experiences. I would then post them, creating a compilation of my meals and my friend’s adventures. With time, I realized that most people would rather enjoy their meals without having to think what to write or taking silly food pictures while their food gets cold (I don’t blame them).

My friend Claire once said I should rename the blog “Sam vs. her expectations” (because truth be told I am not too easy to please, but that is what makes me unique, right?!) and so I started thinking about it more and more. She was spot on, as usual, as so much about food these days, for me at least, relates to how much we read in advance, research, and all the buzz created by social media and food critics as well as recommendations we get from friends. Not building up expectations is almost impossible.

Once someone on a plane told me that “happiness is the difference between expectations and reality” which I thought was brilliant! I met my husband on a rainy night, on a blind date and had no idea it would be the most important night of my life, and I had no expectations!

Some of my best meals were the ones I had no food expectations, like the ramen we had in Tokyo in March 2015 (pictured on this blog post so if you ever go to Tokyo, email me and I will tell you where). On the other hand, some experiences like L’Enclume and Ledbury came with food expectations galore – they were met….and exceeded!

So, here it is, I changed the blog name so I could match my own expectations to my food experiences. I hope your food expectations are always met, or exceeded, and please email me when you have a meal you love, or hate!”

ps: the email alerts are still coming with SamStewartEtc on them….I am not too tech savvy and need to figure out how to change it……..



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