Foxlow Chiswick Review

Foxlow Chiswick Review

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I love it when my mom comes to visit, as she is game for anything and willing and excited, and that by no means excludes hanging out on the sofa, watching movies or more likely heading out to a new neighborhood to explore.

On the Sunday before she left (sniff sniff) to head off on her exotic trip to Thailand and Myanmar, we decided to do something far less unusual and went to Chiswick to explore that area. We were inspired by ‘The Duchess’, the movie that we spent the rainy morning curled up on the sofa watching. The movie setting was gorgeous and we immediately wanted to go and check out Chiswick House. I have several friends who live in the area, but I haven’t spent any time there at all. Stewart is never really game for going there, and mom is usually up for everything.  In the end, we actually went to the wrong tube stop and ended up never going to Chiswick House!

I asked some friends who live in the area for lunch suggestions but ended up deciding on my own to go to Foxlow. They opened in Chiswick a week ago, and I had read good things about their other locations such as Stoke Newington and their Chiswick spot is the new sibling in the rapidly expanding Foxlow family. The menu also looked good.

We booked a table last minute, which ended being a wise decision as a few people who arrived just before us were turned away, as they had not pre-reserved.

Foxlow Chiswick Review

Cure location in a back alley

What we ate:

Squash, farro and purple kale salad: I wished that there was more kale in the salad, as it was there almost solely for decorative purposes. The burrata was nice but was more like mozzarella in texture. The squash was spotted and looked awesome, and was cooked nicely. The ratio of farro to other ingredients was not quite right, but overall it was an ok starter, that just shouldn’t be called a salad due to its being cold, as there were barely any salad type elements on the plate.

Squash, farro and purple kale salad at Foxlow Chiswick

Where is the kale?

Shortribs with kimchi: Mom was craving some meat and didn’t want to go for a traditional steak or burger and so opted for the shortribs. These are different from the way I usually see them, as they were served on the bone and there wasn’t any sauce. (In the US they tend to be served with some kind of wine reduction). She devoured 75% of it which was impressive, considering that it was a quite a considerable chunk of meat. Even though she found the kimchi overpowering and too hot, the Mac & cheese was a better pairing for it.

Shortribs with kimchi at Foxlow Chiswick

Massive shortrib at Foxlow Chicwick

Moroccan eggs: the eggs were too undercooked as the whites were transparent and I had to send it back to the oven for a quick blast. But they came back well cooked and the tomato and pepper sauce had a great kick and it was very well seasoned.

Foxlow Chiswick Review

Spicy-ish Moroccan baked eggs

Mac & cheese: we ordered one on the side, and it was very good. Loaded with cheese, every bite had little strings of melty goodness on the fork, and it was rich and tasty. The topping could have been a bit crunchier for my palate, but the dish was very good overall.

Yummy Mac & Cheese at Foxlow Chiswick

Yummy Mac & Cheese

The desserts looked great but sadly Mom can’t share them with me (health reasons), and after the mac & cheese I passed on their very good looking sticky toffee pudding, (which our table neighbours were devouring) and also on the bourbon caramel or chocolate and Hazelnut drenched soft serve sundaes.

Sunday lunch/brunch menu at Foxlow ChiswickDessert (pudding) menu at Foxlow Chiswick

In sum: casual and good, but nothing to run back to! There are way better spots for brunch, and nothing we ate was fantastic enough to warrant a revisit. On the other hand, they only opened a week ago and could get better with time. Our host was wonderfully friendly but our waitress was clueless…..

After lunch we walked around a little more and headed to Artisan for coffee, which is a quirky, cute place with indeed delicious caffeinated products and beautiful baked goods.

11 Barley Mow Passage, London W4 4PH

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Square Meal

Bar area at Foxlow Chiswick

Bar area at Foxlow

Main diningroom area at Foxlow

Main diningroom area at Foxlow

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