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We dined at The Garden Room at Dormy House as we were staying at the hotel. We debated going to the Potting Shed, their casual restaurant but went fancier for the big anniversary weekend celebration. The menu was £40 for 3 courses, a great deal considering the quality of the food (and £20 corkage fee so we could drink our Ruinart bubbles). Sam, the restaurant manager is amazing and ended up being our go to person as he knew the menu and wines extremely well. The other servers seemed a bit overwhelmed with valentine’s weekend and could have been a bit more knowledgeable/attentive but I realize it was an unusally busy weekend.

What we ate:

Risotto with wild mushroom & cep, poached egg, white chocolate: Creamy and delicious, the egg added a nice richness but I would leave out the white chocolate as it added an unnecessary sweetness.


Pigeon with parsley puree and lentil jus: Nice looking dish but pigeon was a bit dry and the puree could have been a bit creamier. The lentil jus was fun and added nice earthiness to the dish though.


Pork three-ways: Roast tenderloin, pork belly bonbon, pressed trotters with potato gratin, toffee apple, sage jus. The portion was small but it was playful and interesting. The sage jus on the plate was divine, meaty, rich and flavorful but I wish we had a little jar of it on the side so we could keep adding more. The pork belly was a yummy croquette but the toffee apple spinach was too sweet and the potatoes were a bit dry, more jus would have solved all.


Roasted smoked salmon, crab ravioli, spinach and caviar: Absolutely great dish. Salmon is normally either smoked or roasted but the light smokiness on the roasted salmon added a beautiful complexity to the dish. It was perfectly seared, with a nice crust and succulent on the inside. The sauce had a nice touch of caviar. The ravioli was my least favourite part as the filling was a bit too dense, like a shumai almost in thickness, but still nicely done.


Cheese: Choice of five from their list: Sam, the sommelier suggested the Saint Eadburgha which is a soft cow’s cheese from less than three miles away. We hesitated as we don’t tend to love brie, but it was the best among the five. The Montgomery Cheddar was plain and not exciting. The Cerney Ash goat was nice with the ash. The Barkham Blue could have been bluer and the Stinking Bishop, which we had very high hopes for had no personality, and no stinkiness to be found. I prefer when cheese comes with quince and/or honey, and apples and grapes. The celery and chutney were odd in my opinion.


Carrot cake: I had seen a gorgeous one at the spa earlier and was hoping that is what we were getting. It wasn’t, we got a more gourmet version with a dollop of cream cheese on top, and we changed the orange sorbet for vanilla ice cream. The cake was moist and rich but overpowered by zillions of walnuts. If it was more traditional, with layers of cream cheese between the cake, itwould have worked better but we still ate the entire cake…..


The Garden Room

Dormy House, Willersey Hill, Broadway, Worcs WR12 7LF +44 01386 852711








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