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You walk in and the setting at Katz Orange is absolutely gorgeous, a dim lit mysterious courtyard in a quiet street leads you to a shabby chic mix of lots of oddities that just happen to work together somehow. From the chandelier made of ping pong balls to the one of a type chairs, it just works. Drinks were tasty but not memorable enough for me to know what we had.



What we ate:


Jerusalem artichoke soup with the added optional walnut brioche with duck liver. I have to admit I am not the duck liver enthusiast (I hope my dad won’t read this or he may disown me) but thought I should give it a shot. Its in the menu for a reason, it needs to be consumed together and makes all the flavors of the soup work

Lamb’s lettuce (from the sides menu) with blue cheese dressing and bacon bits: Lamb’s lettuce equals mache for those unfamiliar and the salad was light and tasty (even with the blue gooey dressing)


Both from the specials menu

Salmon with black lentils, mushrooms and yellow beets. The salmon probably was done sous vide, I didn’t ask, but was cooked perfectly. The beets and mushrooms all worked well with it and despite my love for lentils, they just didn’t work well with the salmon and overpowered it. Pushed them and presented they were a side dish and all worked.

Flank steak with polenta and cabbage. How can a dish in germany not come without cabbage, and why should it? It does for a reason. The polenta was soft and tasty but we needed the goose fat fries. Perfect touch of crunchy and a must order

Dessert: Should have skipped and walked over to cute counter with petit fours and ordered a sampler. Why do something so simple? Instead, decided to order the spruce shoot tartlet, avoid and run far, unless you love eating grass…..with some wild berries.

At least I got a little truffle with my espresso that made me forget the grass, bribed with chocolate? Why not….




Katz Orange (http://www.katzorange.com/en)

Bergstraße 22, 10115 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 983208430

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