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Finally had my dinner with my three friends from work to celebrate my March birthday. Kurobuta Marble Arch has been on my list for a while. We went to Kurobuta Chelsea twice and really loved the food but the small space caused some service issues (no clean glasses as dishwasher was too small, etc….) so I was hopeful that the food at Kurobuta Marble Arch would be as good and because it is a bigger space, service would be a lot smoother.

The space is cute but less charming than the space in Chelsea and they first sat us (four of us) in a high table that was also communal. We begged to be moved to a regular table and finally they managed to. In my opinion, they should tell people in advance that they may be seated in communal table. After all, we were four girls, chatting about girl type things and didn’t want anyone else listening to our conversation…..

What we ate:

Sweet Potato and Soba-Ko Fries with Sauces: one of my friends is veg so we tried to order several things she could eat. The fries were thin and crunchy and tasty and the sauce were interesting but almost unecessary. The one odd thing is that they tasted and looked as if they were breaded or coated in flour, which is silly as sweet potato fries are so tasty without that.

Korobuta Marble Arch

Flamed Edamame with sake, lemon, butter and maldon Salt: these were a bit too greasy and a tad mushy but we were starving so they hit the spot and at that time, tasted like the best thing ever.
Korobuta Marble Arch
Beef Fillet Tataki with onion ponzu and garlic crisps: very tasty thinly sliced seared beef , perfectly rare in the middle, with pureed onions and toasted slices of garlic on top.It was delicate and tasty (I ignored the garlic chips as I am not the biggest garlic fan).

Korobuta Marble Arch

Grains and greens salad with honey-soy-ginger dressing: this was ok, not very memorable and a bit bland. Could have been one of those pre made “grab from the shelf” salad pots from M&S….

Korobuta marble Arch

Miso grilled hot wings: wow thee wing were spicy and messy. I am not a big wings person so I stayed mostly away and just tried a bite. They were fiery hot and a bit too wet for me. The ones at Flesh & Buns my husband and sister tried recently were so much better!

Korobuta Marcble Arch

Baby shrimp tempura with spicy mayo and warm ponzu dipping sauce:  had tried this dish at Kurobuta Chelsea and enjoyed it but probably wouldn’t have ordered again as there were other things on the menu I liked even more. But they were good still tasty, piping hot, light and crunchy and we cleaned the plate.  Could have used a bit more of the jalapeno slices as the mayo was not spicy at all. The crunchy make it very Jackson Pollok.

Korobuta Marble Arch

BBQ Pork Belly in Steamed Buns with Spicy Peanut Soy: I was trying to be somewhat healthy after a big eating week and didn’t order this but when I saw the two gorgeous pork piece arriving fot my friends, enveloped in those beautiful white fluffy buns, I couldn’t resist and ordered one as well. And this was as good as I remembered.  The peanut sauce that comes with it is sweet with a subtle kick and sprinkled with tons of peanut pieces.

Korobuta Marble Arch

Japanese Mushrooms Grilled on Hoba Leaf with Gorgonzola, Miso and Pinenuts: The mushrooms are presented on the hoba leaf and they come very flat with the gorgonzola sauce. The combination I interesting and tasty, very umami but the portion was on the smallish size a it was really one thin layer on the leaf.

Korobuta Marble Arch

Chocolate and pistachio dessert: as I thought Abi didn’t have enough food and she loves desserts, I convinced her she needed to order some.  The  pistachio cake was fluffy and served with chocolate mousse, candied hazelnuts and blackcurrant sorbet. It was ok but not yummy must order again type dessert sadly.

Korobuta Marble Arch

In Sum: The vibe at Kurobuta Marble Arch is a bit more industrial and less cozy that the Chelsea spot but the service is definitely more efficient. But to be honest, the Chelsea one had a bit more soul and felt more original. Food was good with some stellar dishes and some ok ones. The Wagyu Beef Sliders are amazing (tried on a previous visit) but £19 for a little slider? Service was almost too robotic cold and we felt a bit rushed.

Kurobuta Marble Arch http://www.kurobuta-london.com/

17-20 Kendal Street Marble Arch, London, W2 2AW
+440203 475 4158

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