Le Souffle Paris Review: The Quintessential Parisian Lunch

Le Souffle Paris Review

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After a weekend in Normandy and complete World War II overdose I couldn’t wait to get to Paris and have at least two meals and some wondering around Paris time before getting back to London and work. We spent the morning driving back and taking Stewart’s mom and boyfriend to Giverny to see Monet’s gardens and got to Paris around 2pm ravenous. Since I had booked a dinner I knew would be good, the idea for lunch was something more casual and tasty. I thought of crepes first but all the crepe places I wanted to try were closed Monday and my sister suggested Le Soufflé for some very French and obviously, soufflé. It was the perfect suggestion.

What we ate:

Green salad: simple greens and some carrots but somehow the French always have the ability to lightly toss their leaves with good dressing and make it tasty. Note to self to buy French salad dressing and bring back next time we go to france.

Onions soup: in Paris they of course don’t call it French onion soup….and maybe it was because we had not eaten one in ages or maybe it was just that good. The sweetness of the onions against the savoury rich broth and the fattiness and richness of the cheese worked magically together. Hubby sopped up every last drop of soup with the baguette from the bread basket.

Le Souffle Paris Review

Ham and cheese soufflé: I am glad Stewart was distracted with his soup and didn’t notice that I ended up eating more than my fair share of the soufflé. It was so light but so decadent at the same time, the ham was perfectly slivered and distributed and the cheese added taste to the overall soufflé and then when you reached the bottom of the pot, there as some delicious cheese stuck for the last perfect bites.

Le Souffle Paris Review

Spinach and cheese soufflé: they just list spinach but we asked if we could add cheese. My mother in law and boyfriend shared this and it was also very good. We liked the ham and cheese even better but this one was certainly healthier, or maybe it was the illusion from being green….

Le Souffle Paris Review

Peach and apricot soufflé: amazingly creamy, almost looked undercooked but it was just gooeyer than our almond soufflé somehow. The perfect dessert soufflé.

Le Souffle Paris Review

Almond and vanilla soufflé with salted caramel ice cream: we ordered this one to share and would have thought it was perfect but their peach one happened to be even better. I am a total chocoholic but somehow didn’t want any of the chocolate soufflés as I tend to like my chocolate in denser forms such as brownies. This was also very good and they were generous with the almonds in the soufflé. The ice cream was a perfect pairing with it all.

Le Souffle Paris Review

In sum: the quintessential Parisian lunch! And well located close to some of the museums such as the Louvre and Monet’s Orangerie (http://www.musee-orangerie.fr/). The ambiance is just fine and service was good but not great. But who cares, the soufflés are outstanding! And they do take reservations so call ahead as it gets very busy at lunch.

Le Souffle http://www.lesouffle.fr/

36 Rue du Mont Thabor, 75001 Paris, France

+33 1 42 60 27 19

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