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I have been craving dim sum and was really looking forward to dinner, the chef at Bo Lang used to be at Novikov so it seemed promising (plus, dinner with my friend Amy is always very fun). And for an evening out with a friend, we wanted a cute place, not your typical dim sum joint, and Bo Lang seemed to fit the check list.

If you have been reading my blog, I haven’t really talked about service much. In this case, I must! We were convinced that either our waiter had just started on the job that same day (truth is he had been there two months) or he was on heavy drugs. He was really on another planet, didn’t pay any attention to our order and could barely explain any of the dishes. To his credit, he did recommend the crab dumpling which was very good, but that could be because it was the most expensive one and he wanted his tip…..On to the food

What we ate:

Forest mushroom, water chestnut and goji berry steamed dumplings: The taste was very good but the goji was just for show. The flavors were solid but the dumpling was nothing but solid, overly steamed and a bit mushy. But still tasted right

Pumpkin and mouli dumpling: He really couldn’t articulate what mouli was so we ordered to try to figure out. Wouldn’t order this again but it grew on me as I ate it and had a subtle nice kick. Another waiter explained that mouli was some sort of white radish

Chicken, black truffle shui mai: The one we were the most excited about (always easily bribed by truffles…). Despite the one truffle shaving on top, no truffle taste and overly dense and heavy

Saffron scallop and cod dumpling: Very good favor combination but once again, overly steamed

Seasonal local crab with balsamic pearls: the best dish of the meal, perfect texture on the dumplings, good crab flavors and the balsamic pearls gave it a fun whimsical touch, and you keep having to remind yourself they are not caviar

Black sesame prawn toast: Not what you expect of prawn toast, too thin, and overly drenched in sesame seeds. But good still. Would order again? Nah

Sichuan pepper tuna: Wow, this had no flavour at all, we kept adding salt. The fish was beautiful and nice to look at but no reason to eat it (maybe for some extra protein???)

In sum: maybe would try again. The girl seated next to us had (alone) two portions of the prawn dumplings so they must have been good. The couple seated on the other side had some baked puff that also looked great. Maybe with a different waiter, who could suggest their top dishes it could be worth a shot.

Seems like they were there two nights after we were. Would have explained our waiter being so out of it….

Bo Lang

100 Draycott Avenue
London, SW3 3AD

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