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Lima is one of the few restaurants we have actually been back since the first time right after we moved here. A good friend, one I trust dearly when it comes to her food (not as much when it comes to her TV watching choices) said it was one of the best meals she’s had in a while so the bar was set high.
What we ordered

Scallop tiradito: gorgeous colors, bright yellows and all, that came with big bold delicious flavors

Octopus with quinoa: not eating for the quinoa’s magic properties but because by now you know how I feel about octopus. Good but would focus on tiraditos and ceviches.

Suckling pig: good but could not stop wanting to eat the steak instead

Beef with black quinoa: Sounds simple, but its not, 3 or 4 steak pieces atop yummy spuds or something puree. Divine, rich, cozy and comforting (ate both times I was there). And some black quinoa for health (if you can believe it)

Paiche and Halibut: eat steak instead

Must!!!!! You get it. The steak!!!
Surprising: the tiraditos
Save the calories: dessert. So odd and strange. One was borderline savoury with olive oil on top and the others were just not great…..


Lima  (

31 Rathbone Pl, London W1T 1JH

+44 020 3002 2640
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