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This was my second time at Social Eating House. The first time was in June 2013, the day we moved to London. We had dinner with our friend Matt, after two missed connections and four lost suitcases. But he promised me that wearing my leggings and t shirt post 20 hour flight was ok…….the great cocktails kept me distracted enough to believe him, how can you note love cool names like “Cereal Killer” and  “Dill or no Dill”. That first meal was good and tonight’s was excellent! Many more to come…

Dinner was with my friend Patrick (worked together in Vegas) and some of his friends from Harvard Business School, I was definitely the least smart of the bunch….

What we ate

Smoked Shetland salmon, miso crème fraîche, BBQ cucumber and winter truffle (above): This was so delicate and unique, the salmon was perfectly cooked and the balance of flavors was amazing.

Wild mushrooms from a bag, cep purée on toast: Was impossible to take a nice picture of it as the mushrooms come in a plastic bag where they have been steamed. You also get on the side one piece of toast with cep puree. May not be beautiful but it was incredibly delicious. There was some jus left after we devoured the dish and we asked for extra bread to keep soaking all the mushroom goodness. A must have!


Confit lamb neck fillet, goat’s curd, Vialone Nano, wild trevise, hazelnut: Wow!!!!!!!!! The meat was so tender (short rib consistency sort of) and the dish was just perfect. The vialone nano is a type of rice, which they cooked risotto style and came on the side. The trevise is similar to radicchio and just a garnish. The hazelnut came in form of a nut butter drizzled on the plate with some added whole nuts. It was fantastic


Brill with mussels, courgette, bok choi and orzo: It was good, they poured chicken juice on top of the dish table-side which added some nice richness. The fish very nicely cooked and maybe if not next to the lamb, would have been another great dish. But the lamb was just so superior


Macaroni & cheese, shaved mushroom: It was beautiful, and macaroni was larger than the one served in most US spots. It was also lighter and not as heavy. It was great as a side but I wouldn’t have loved it as my main course. Lacked some wow factor. Maybe should have splurged on the extra £12 for shaved truffles


Cheeses: One of the cheeses of the day was called Bosworth, like my friend Patrick so we of course had to order. Unfortunately, we love Patrick more than the cheese that carries his name and the  Bosworth was a bit mild, and boring. The Bosworth is the little goat log, top row, next too gooooooey amazing epoisses


70% chocolate nemesis, Vin Santo, mascarpone, espresso essence: The waitress had a really challenging time explaining, said it was like tiramisu, then I mentioned nemesis is usually not and she said, “I guess like a brownie” but with tiramisu flavors. She was sort of accurate……it was a tasty baked chocolate dessert, lighter than a brownie but still dense and delicious. The vin santo is in the ice cream, and the essence is in foam form…..very very good.

“P.B.J” Cherry parfait, peanut ice-cream, cherry jam doughnut: Sounded great, and some components were, like the peanut ice cream, but the doughnuts were not a must and I would skip next time and try other things on the menu. And there was a lot on the menu that sounded great……


In Sum: Great place, fun vibe, great cocktails and creative, very “right now” and fun food.

Social Eating House (

58 Poland St, London W1F 7NR, United Kingdom
+44 20 7993 3251
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