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Maybe another case of very high expectations….

Zuma London is so hard to book, always full, so was excited to finally be able to go. Have been to the ones in Hong Kong and Istanbul, which are very fun, with super creative menus and a great vibe. I expected something similar (ok, I can’t have the Bosphorus in central london but….) and instead found it more office building like, and with a very corporate vibe. Sat at the bar and had some drinks, nothing uber creative but the bartender delivered well when asked if he could create a bellini, but with passion fruit.

We struggled with the menu trying to find unusual dishes instead of the usual miso glazed cod hamachi with jalapenos and all. We skipped those and ordered:

  • Seasonal special mussels in a miso broth with jalapenos: Delicious with plump fresh mussels and amazing broth. We didn’t even miss the bread and drank the broth with a spoon
  • Spinach with sesame sauce: Tasty but a bit too sweet
  • Grilled shitakes with butter and garlic: very tasty
  • Three types of rolls:
  • Fresh grab with avocado
  • Spicy tuna: just a small dollop of mayo which let the fresh tuna shine.
  • Salmon with avocado and some crunchy tempura flakes: All rolls were very tasty and fres.  The crab was also tasty, rice perfectly cooked and the waiter liked us so decided to give us fresh wasabi, which obviously elevated the taste by a lot……
  • Dessert: Banana green tea cake with coconut ice cream and peanut toffee sauce- He told us it would be comfort food and yes, absolutely, hit the spot and finished the meal in a great note.

Good meal, all impeccably done as and my friend wisely said: If we were around the area shopping, maybe we would pop back in and order some sushi at the bar…

Advice, go to the HK or Istanbul ones instead

In sum:

  • Musts!!! the mussells and banana cake
  • Surprisingly good: The spicy tuna and the mushrooms
  • Save the calories: Won’t save many but the spinach with sesame.

Zuma http://www.zumarestaurant.com/zuma-landing/london/en/welcome

5 Raphael Street, South Kensington, London SW7 1DL

+44 20 7584 1010

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