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MB Post was the perfect choice for brunch, as my friend Fernanda and her husband were driving in from Orange County to meet us (proof of a truly good friend!), and we were landing in LAX that morning.

MB Post also seemed like the unanimous suggestion among my friends, and as I drooled over the pictures on Instagram, it seemed like the ideal brunch spot – and it was!

The vibe is buzzy and cool but relaxed and casual and they have several communal tables. We started with some delicious drinks, my hibiscus sangria was incredible and Stewart’s bloody mary was meatier (from the bacon wash koval white) and more complex than your normal ones. Even I liked it, and I hate bloodies normally.

MB Post Review MB Post Review

What we ate

Bacon and cheddar biscuits with maple butter: I had heard how good these were but they were so much better than expected and even more good looking than the pictures. The cheese was spread throughout the biscuit and not just on top and the bacon was smoky and plentiful…and the maple butter was the icing on the biscuit… just tying it all together with a subtle sweetness. Finger licking and worth every calorie, and worth the drive to Manhattan Beach.

MB Post Review

MB Post Review

Couldn’t resist a side portrait of the biscuits

Fried chicken with honey truffle drizzle: we had seen this dish in many of the tables and my hungover husband who was on two hours of sleep pronounced it a must order. The chicken was juicy and the crust crispy and delicious and the truffle honey was perfect with it. The dish was served with a light kohlrabi slaw that we wish had more of a kick, which would have been fun to counterbalance the sweetness. But still awesome!

MB Post Review

Shrimp and pork dumplings, citrus ponzu, chicharrones, chili oil: our amazing waitress Chelsea had said these were very good, and they were nice but not mind blowing (doesn’t help that I had some din tai fung the previous day and they are the best dim sum ever). Not sure why they were not great as the broth was very interesting, just lacked a wow factor. We even abandoned the last one on the plate…

MB Post Review

Bibimbap with glazed pork, shitale, mushrooms, spicy bean sprouts, spinach, gochutjand and egg: more of an American/Korean rendition to Nanda’s happiness as she doesn’t love fermented tastes. Was umami personified in rice as the mushrooms were earthy and well prepared and the fried egg coated all the bites and brought them together. Yum.

MB Post Review

Cheesy scrambled eggs with avocado toast: I know….a bit cliché these days as avocado toast is EVERYWHERE! But I saw this around, and the eggs looked so deep yellow and covered with cheese and I had to order. The toast was good but not unique, but the eggs were creamy and delicious with lots of emmenthal and parmesan mixed in and on top.

MB Post Review

In sum: great spot for brunch or lunch or pretty much any meal. Very good food you crave having again and great enthusiastic service. Our waitress Chelsea was a 10 and when we told her how great she was she told us she was new, but then explained they undergo a month training program including a 4 hour written exam at the conclusion. No wonder she was knowledgeable, thoughtful and so good at her job. Her only flaw is she couldn’t point out one dish in the menu she didn’t love!

And no better sign of a good happy meal with friends (and good drinks) than the pictures below….

MB Post Review

Friends after too many bloody marys

MB Post Review

My sister Nanda

MB Post http://www.eatmbpost.com

1142 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

+1 310 545 5405

MB Post Review

MB Post Review

Hostess podium

MB Post Review

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    So worth the drive from LA! One of my favorite restaurants!!!

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