Munka Tagarp Sweden Review

Guest accommodation at Munka Tagarp

Munka Tagarp is one of the options for accommodation offered by Daniel Berlin when you book dinner at the restaurant. We had the most amazing meal at Daniel Berlin and he here some brief notes on our stay…..

We had a nice time at Munka Tagarp, the owners make it very clear that Munka Tagarp is not a Hotel, but it is a guesthouse. The guest accommodations are in stand-alone building, adjacent to the main house. They have several rooms, all somewhat minimalist and cute, but not fancy. They rent the entire property for one reservation at a time, so even thought there were just two of us and they have five rooms, we got the entire guest house to ourselves. Sometimes they book it for conference/meeting business and then all rooms are used.

The property is lovely and the hosts are friendly (albeit strict on check-out times). I just wish rooms had on-suite bathrooms as it can be inconvenient to have the bathrooms and showers down the hall.


Guest accommodation at Munka Tagarp

Guest accommodation at Munka Tagarp

One of the bedrooms at Munka Tagarp

One of the bedrooms at Munka Tagarp

The breakfast and living room area at Munka Tagarp

The breakfast and living room area

Breakfast at Munka Tagarp


The breakfast was served at a set time (agreed with us the previous day) and the food included yogurt, cold cuts, cheese, and delicious scandi bread. But there were just hard boiled eggs and no cooked breakfast options. But still tasty. I would have loved some fruit salad option or cut fruits with the breakfast too.

In sum: gorgeous property and a good options when eating at Daniel Berlin. The price for Munka Tagarp + Daniel Berlin, with the wine pairing is around $450 per person. The dinner part is around $280 per person, with the wine, which is an absolutely fantastic price and very worth it. So, the hotel was about $350 for the two of us, from 4pm-11am (they are quite strict with the check-in and check-out times…..), but we had the entire place to ourselves as there was not an option to share with others as they just book for one party at the time. The setting is gorgeous and it is located 15-20 minutes from the restaurant. Also, the dinner and accommodation are arranged by Daniel Berlin and you pay one total amount through them which makes the process easier.

Munka Tagarp


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