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Pizza East • Prosciutto San Daniele, rocket, parmesan pizza

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Pizza East is a great spot if you are looking for good food and a fun casual vibe for a night with friends. The other advantage is that usually you can get a table without having to plan years in advance. Last monday I decided that it was about time I introduced some of my friends to each other so planned a girls night out for Friday. I also love that my friends eat and drink and don’t have major food allergies or restrictions, if we were in California likely we would have a good mix of gluten, or dairy or some nut allergies. I am actually kidding, most of my friends are good eaters or they likely wouldn’t be my friends…!


Pizza East Vibe

Pizza East Portobello

What we ate:

Buffalo mozzarella, broad beans, pea shoots: as you can see this was way more burrata than mozzarella which was a happy surprise. It was deliciously creamy and fresh and the beans were perfectly al-dente and springy. A couple of sprinkles of a good sea salt would have made it perfect.

Pizza East mozzarella and broad beans
Butter lettuce and avocado salad: this salad may sound boring on paper but it is absolutely delicious. The lettuce is buttery and vibrant and the avocado ripe to perfection and the vinaigrette is made of a grainy mustard that adds a nice fun texture. Simplicity = beauty!

Pizza East butter lettuce salad

Lamb meatballs: I remembered these meatballs from my last visit. We were a big group when my friend Mike was visiting last year from San Francisco and was introducing me to his London friends. At the time, I loved them (the friends are great too….) and this time they were once again delicious – meaty, flavorful and the nice tomato sauce with melted gooey cheese always helps.

Pizza East lamb meatballs

Pea and prosciutto croquettes: super gooey and yummy and even better with the lemon squeeze on top.

Pizza East croquettes

Polenta with grilled broccoli and cauliflower: this was hands down the best dish of the night surprisingly. The cubes of polenta were deep fried but were not greasy at all and were perfectly crunchy outside and cheesy and soft inside-delicious and indulgent. To balance, broccoli and cauliflower grilled to perfection. Nice sprinkles of chilli tied the dish all together-MUST EAT!

Pizza East Polenta with grilled broccoli and cauliflower:
Heritage carrots, beets and wild garlic: another delicious dish. The carrots were slightly caramelised and the beets perfectly cooked and all tossed in a big green salad.

Pizza East Heritage carrots, beets and wild garlic:
Courgettes with fregola, goat cheese and pine nuts: I had high expectations for this dish as it sounded delicious. It was good but the ratio of fregola to courgettes was too light on courgettes which I missed and wish there were more! Next time I likely would order other dishes instead as there are too many things on the menu I want to try.

Pizza East Courgettes with fregola, goat cheese and pine nuts

We had three types of pizzas:

Prosciutto San Daniele, rocket, parmesan: my favorite, but I love pizza with rocket (aka arugula if you live in the US) as it adds great freshness. The parmesan was delicious and as a good jew, I always love prosciutto.

Pizza East •	Prosciutto San Daniele, rocket, parmesan pizza

Portobello mushrooms, tomato, fontina, oregano: earthy, rich and delicious!!!

Pizza East Portobello mushrooms, tomato, fontina, oregano

Artichoke, sundried tomato, mozzarella, pesto: my least favourite but not because it was not good, just because others were better. And clearly my friends were eager to jump in as I didn’t even get a chance to snap a picture before a slice vanished.

Pizza East Artichoke, sundried tomato, mozzarella, pesto pizza

In sum: great value for delicious food and fun vibe. We were just sad with the strict two hour seating as we didn’t have time for dessert! Our meal was £28 per person with two bottles of Rose between the six of us – extremely reasonable.

Pizza East Portobello

310 Portobello Rd, London W10 5T

+4420 8969 4500



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