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Had been dying to go to The Pudding Bar since it opened as I am pudding (aka dessert ) obsessed and when possible, will inspect the dessert menu before choosing my starters and main to leave more space. I found it so strange when I moved to London that Brits call all desserts pudding when when its cake or anything else – but now I am used to it and even have gotten used to say: “what did you get for pud?”.  So, after a night of drinks followed by overly salty food at the Smoking Goat in Soho where they don’t serve puds, my day finally came to go to The Pudding Bar.

I went with my friend Susan after Fiona abandoned us as she had to wake up at 6am (so did I but sugar and chocolate were more important). Susan tried to convince me to order the sampler and a bottle of Prosecco at 11:30pm but I was the voice of reason and said we should just order one dessert and one glass each. But then, we saw they had mulled wine and ordered one on top of that as we had to try……

We started with one dessert, which then became three…….oh well. Should have just gone sampler style.

What we ate:

Sugar crusted panettone bread and butter pudding: panettone baked in vanilla custard and crusted in brown sugar and served with rum and raisin ice cream. When I saw this, after talking about panettone all day with my friend Claire I had to order. This was our first dessert and was probably the favorite. The brown sugar crust added a fun texture to the B&B pudding which a lot of times is just pure mush…..the ice cream was delicious but the ratio was off and we needed a bigger dollop of ice cream. The dessert was on the verge of too sweet (probably from the sugary raisins underneath the ice cream).

The Pudding Bar

Chocolate and orange baked Alaska: I didn’t have much interest in this but the table next to us was raving about it and Susan wanted to try. I don’t like chocolate and citrus combined and this was a sugar bomb, way too sweet. It also didn’t appeal to me visually as it looked like a pac man monster (if I added the little eyes). The ice cream under the chocolate meringue was chocolate orange and it was served with an orange sirup around with sugary orange buts, not my thing……. When I told the chef we were ordering this she said it was not her favorite either and claimed she doesn’t like the combo, which is odd as there is another chocolate orange pud on the menu.

The Pudding Bar

S’Mores Cheesecake:  milk chocolate cheesecake with ginger nut biscuit base and peanut butter ice cream. The chef said this dish has been so popular that they haven’t been able to take it off the menu and it was delicious indeed. The marshmallow was nicely toasted on top of the very creamy chocolate cheesecake and the PB ice cream was delicious. The chef sent us this when I told her when I passed the kitchen on the way to the ladies’ that we ordered it because Susan wanted it….and I wanted the cheesecake. Very nice gesture.

The Pudding Bar

In Sum: menu the day we went was totally different from the one online which was disappointing as I was looking forward to bannoffee and brownies. Fun idea for an after dinner pud unless the place where you had your dinner serves great desserts. They are good but not OMG must run there today! I would definitely try again as they seem seasonal and change often.

The Pudding Bar

The Pudding Bar

26 Greek Street, Soho, London W1D 5DE

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The Pudding Bar The Pudding Bar

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