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Chicken, potato, sorrel, lemon preserve at Rebelle NYC

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My friend Danielle had heard great things about Rebelle NYC and was supposed to go last time she was in NY but had to cancel, so I booked it for our trip. As the dinner approached, in my typical Samanta way, I started questioning my decision as I looked at the menu and read numerous reviews. The issue is that getting a last minute reservation in New York at one of the many restaurants that were on my list is impossible, so in the end we decided to stick with it.

When we got to Rebelle, once again I wanted to bail and actually tried to get a table at Pearl & Ash which is next door, but no luck there.

We were excited to spend some time with my friend Ilka and her fiancée Asher, as we had just met him once and were looking forward to getting to know him better.

What we ate: 

Leek Vinaigrette, soft boiled egg, Dijon, leek ash: a very classic French dish that was well executed. The leeks were nicely cooked, soft and topped with mostly hard-boiled egg whites and tossed in a very light dressing. It was subtle but a bit acidic.

Leek Vinaigrette, soft boiled egg, Dijon, leek ash at Rebelle NYC

Beef Tartare, sunchoke, horseradish, garlic: both boys ordered the beef tartare, which was nice, but just the first in a line of many very salty dishes. We have quite a salty palate already, so if we found it overly salty, I imagine people like my Mom would find it inedible. The sunchoke chips were crispy and worked very well with the tartare texture.

Tasty beef tartare but still too salty at Rebelle NYC

Beef tartare at Rebelle NYC

Scallop, sea urchin, turnip, squid ink: this was a completely forgettable dish and the sea urchin wasn’t very distinct at all, despite being abundant, which was the part that appealed to my friend Ilka the most.

Scallop, sea urchin, turnip, squid ink at Rebelle NYC

Carrots, chanterelle, black trumpet, pepper: another uninteresting dish. Poor Ilka! Her dishes were definitely the weakest and least interesting, though at least they weren’t overly salted. The mushrooms were in the background and the plate was primarily carrots.

Carrots, chanterelle, black trumpet, pepper at Rebelle NYC

Boring carrots at Rebelle NYC

Chicken, potato, sorrel, lemon preserve: On the other hand, Asher scored, and his orders were the best. The chicken was probably overall the best dish as it was extremely tender and juicy, but covered with skin that could been a lot crispier.

Chicken, potato, sorrel, lemon preserve at Rebelle NYC

Chicken was the best dish at Rebelle NYC

Hake, little neck clams, bok choy, ocean broth: this was my main course order and I had one bite and couldn’t eat anymore due to the salt. I had everyone around me try it to make sure I had not gone mad. They were very nice and immediately sent back and replaced it with a chicken.

Hake, little neck clams, bok choy, ocean broth at Rebelle NYC

Inedible salt fish

Pork, piperade, romesco, scallion: another salty dish – but edible. The pork was tender and well-cooked and the beans were nice and al-dente.

Pork, piperade, romesco, scallion at Rebelle NYC

In sum: in Brazil I grew up with the expression that salty food=the chef being madly in love. I hope that is the case, or that it was an off day as I have not encountered food this salty in a long, long time. Service also didn’t impress, our waitress was a bit sour and very rushed and we struggled to get her attention. We skipped dessert and went across the street to Morgenstern’s Ice Cream.

Rebelle NYC

218 Bowery, New York, NY 10012
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Dining room area at Rebelle NYC

Dining room area at Rebelle NYC

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