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Spent Christmas day with friends I wish I lived closer to. It doesn’t hurt that they are amazing cooks, and the best at selecting wines too……After dinner I swore never to eat again but on the morning of the 26th, I woke up looking forward to dinner in San Francisco, good company and another great meal. Good thing they are all sharers and hungry so we could order and try a lot. And they booked A16 San Francisco which is one of my favorite restaurants. I guess their sister place SPQR is my top pick (http://www.spqrsf.com/).

What we ate

Octopus obviously! Just can’t help it. Comes with ceci beans, treviso and celery (no olives, my only hated food). Very tasty but not worth going on the must 5 octopus list (to come…)



Mussels: best app surprisingly and not the octopus. Super flavorful broth with perfectly charred bread. Is mussels becoming my new octopus??? (meaning, must order always when on the menu…?)



Arugula salad with fried almonds and pecorino: super fresh and surprisingly good

Sausage pizza with rapini, grana padano and chilies: white pizza which I am usually not super fan. Waiter suggested tomato sauce on the side and it was a great idea. Amazing flavours, good crust. Perfect for the winter

Sausage pizza

Sausage pizza

Maccaronara with ragu napoletana, ricotta salata: simple and delicious pasta with super fresh tomato sauce

Fettucine with rabbit sugo, fennel: white ragu, good balance to the red sauce pasta

Roasted cauliflower: gorgeous with several different colors but just ok

Apple bread pudding with vanilla gelato. Can I have more pasta instead??

Chocolate budino tart with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil: the salt tied it all together, delicious

Chocolate dessert+bread pudding

Chocolate dessert+bread pudding

In Sum

Share a ton, also, while in Tahoe with friends we tried the A16 meatball recipe (they just serve them Mondays): GO MONDAY! Yum

Must eats: mussels, pizzas, pastas

Save the calories: Cauliflower (why do I always want to save on the healthy items.) and bread pudding

Surprisingly good: Arugula salad, simple tomato sauce pasta

A16 San Francisco (http://www.a16sf.com/)

2355 Chestnut St.





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