Sarma Restaurant: Best Turkish food in Boston

Sarma Boston: Best Turkish food

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I had one night in Boston after a conference in Nantucket and was extremely excited for my annual dinner with my friend Tiffany and her wife Kelly. Since Tiffany is a talented chef ( and Kelly is also in the business, I had the luxury, for the first time ever, of not having to choose where we were eating and completely leaving it in their very capable hands.

They chose Sarma Restaurant, in Somerville and said that they go there often and is worth the shlep (as they refer to the 30 min max drive from Boston…) and I completely agree. We don’t have enough Turkish food in London (Babaji Pide just reopened and I must try it soon) and they prepare a menu based on a long series of mezes (small plates) that are meant for sharing (tapas style).


I also didn’t even have to pick the food (apart from explaining my hatred for olives) and we shared a ton of dishes, plus of course the kitchen sent some extra dishes since they are friends with them and come to the restaurant often (which was obvious as every person knew them by name and was excited to see them).

What we ate:

Parsnip fritter cilantro, walnut, sunflower seeds: I didn’t expect to love this as much as I did but was perfectly fried and crunchy outside and soft and gooey inside with some sweetness form the parsnip without being overwhelmingly sweet.

Sarma Boston: Best Turkish food

Seven layer hummus falafel crackers:  a seven layer anything just sounds hilarious and so American to me, but this was completely different and was more like seven flavours on a plate with several mysterious concoctions apart from your usual humus. The beet mix was yummy and even though I hate olives, I was borderline tempted to taste them as they were so bright and gorgeous. Very fun plate as every bite was different from the next.

Sarma Boston: Best Turkish food

Cherry caponata mixed greens, whipped goat cheese, pine nuts: great combination of flavours that go very well together. The cherries were plump and a perfect combination of sweet and tart and the goat cheese was creamy and rich.

Sarma Boston: Best Turkish food

Squid with Turkish fried pickles, hot peppers, pea shoots, polenta: small pieces of squid mixed with several other bits and completely different from any squid I’ve tried with its unique combination of flavours.

Sarma Boston: Best Turkish food

Octopus escabeche celery, gigante beans, parsley, pita chip: this was my least favourite dish despite my love of octopus as I just didn’t think the flavours worked well together.

Sarma Boston: Best Turkish food

Broccoli spicy peanut dukkah, green garlic Caesar, basil, sarvecchio cheese: such a simple dish but so delicious. All the ingredients were perfectly combined and the broccoli was nicely firm and slightly charred.

Sarma Boston: Best Turkish food

Potato spanikopita cucumber tzatziki, shiitake mushroom bits: a completely different version of what I expected and little potatoes filled with the tzatziki and mushrooms, Reich and creamy.

Sarma Boston: Best Turkish food

Soft shell crab spring onion kuku, green goddess, bacon, avocado: this dish was an extra one sent by the kitchen and I loved it but my friends thought the bacon took over the entire dish and we couldn’t taste the soft shell crab. I enjoyed the nicely fried crab and bacon is almost always a plus in my book…

Sarma Boston: Best Turkish food

Frozen Greek-style yogurt: this is a soft serve and fro-yo and tangy as its Greek style yogurt and you can pick your toppings. I chose chai spiced carrot cake but they also sent us some halva caramel and caramelized white chocolate & salty cocoa nib cookies. I loved the carrot cake topping and also drizzled some caramel on it. Nice ending to a great meal.

Sarma Boston: Best Turkish food

In sum: interesting and unique flavours in a fun casual setting. Worth the drive from Boston. But, if you just have one night, go to Neptune Oyster for their Lobster rolls and crazy good Johnny cakes with smoked trout and maple syrup. (Trust me. It may sound odd and unappealing but it is insanely delicious!)

ps: I can’t judge service fairly as we were treated like royalty as my friends know the staff really well and go to Sarma Restaurant often.

Sarma Boston: Best Turkish food Sarma Boston: Best Turkish food

Sarma Restaurant

249 Pearl St, Somerville, MA 02145, United States

+1 617-764-4464

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