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Six Senses Yao Noi = Paradise. I am a very critical person, (in case you haven’t figured that out by my blog) and my only complaint about this magical gorgeous place was that drinks didn’t have enough alcohol (living in London for 9 months is clearly making me very alcohol resistant…).

After 137 Pillars in Chiang Mai I was worried we would be disappointed but how wrong were we? I can’t describe and pictures can’t express the beauty of the hotel and its surroundings and the graciousness of the service.

We took the speedboat shuttle from the pier (20 minutes from Phuket airport) and maybe one comment is shuttles should come more often. You can of course schedule a private one for around $300……if you are very impatient.

After 45 minutes staring at the gorgeous blue waters and other sites you get to the island. Your arrival feels a bit fantasy island, but without Tattoo or Mr Rourke and with PON, our GEM instead (guest experience manager), who will make all your wishes come true.

Yao Noi Arrival


All GEMs dress in purple outfits, PON is the one on the bottom left. He is amazing


Our Villa

We were upgraded to an Ocean Deluxe Pool Villa from an Ocean Villa. The villa was around 1,800 sf with 750sf external space. Pon gave us a full tour of our villa and we then went around the property with him to check the spa, the mushroom hut, tennis courts, etc.

20140316-074340.jpg 20140316-074345.jpg






We spent three nights at Six Senses Yao Noi. They have several restaurants, including Hilltop, which is the most spectacular spot for lunch by the pool (see below). We had dinner at Hilltop on our last night and didn’t love it as much as the other dinners. That evening they had a seafood grill menu and we also ordered a Thai 4 course menu and somehow the dishes were repetitive on the grilled items and just didn’t blow us away like the other experiences.

20140309-092537.jpg 20140309-092705.jpg




Best spot at Hilltop after you get sick of the sun (or get a sunburn like my husband) to real and chill, while staring at the view above


Had a very nice dinner at the Den (below). It was actually one of our favorite hangout places. Dinner was casual and relaxed (yummy tuna tartar and Thai beef) but we also went there for drinks and to watch some Thai dancing one afternoon and hung out reading books.

20140309-092332.jpg 20140309-092447.jpg Six Senses Yao Noi View 20140316-074331.jpg

Our favorite dinner was on the beach. Our GEM set up an amazing table and we could choose the food from any of the restaurants. Geng was our waiter and he was amazing. He used to be in finance and decided to live a better life and learn about the hotel business. We spent a ton of time chatting with him and he was present without being intrusive, lovely. And at the end of dinner the tide was coming up and he had already set up a private table off the beach for dessert. So thoughtful! And we were the only ones on the beach that night.


They also set up daily outdoor movies on the beach under the stars, with popcorn. The stars are bright, the seats are beach chairs with blankets, perfection (popcorn could use some help…). Unfortunately no way to show on the picture (one night was a The Man with the Golden Gun as it was filmed around there and another night was When Harry Met Sally).


For activities we took a longtail boat ride for four hours one day and went to a gorgeous lagoon between karsts, swam, snorkelled and had the best time. They offered us a guide but there is absolutely no need as Lukeman, our boat captain was awesome and super helpful trying to find less crowded beaches and better snorkelling spots.

20140316-074312.jpg 20140316-074317.jpg

20140309-092320.jpg 20140309-092152.jpg 20140309-092206.jpg20140316-074307.jpg

Breakfast is absolutely indulgent (and included). They have everything from a pastries from their own bakery, over 40 types of jams (pineapple ginger, chilli, you get the idea), Thai specialties and awesome truffle scrambled eggs. They turn the ice cream shop (free ice cream all day) into the bakery for breakfast but you can still have ice cream as breafast dessert if you want. Below was the view from breakfast and as a result, we lingered for a long time…….



20140309-092518.jpg 20140309-092435.jpg

Mushroom Hut where they grow several varieties




In sum: We tried to extend our trip by a day because we were so sad to leave but flights didn’t work. I also emailed all my single friends and told them they need to get married at Yao Noi so we have an excuse to come back…We usually don’t go back to the same place twice as there are too many places we want to try. I hope we do come back here!

Pon, I am sorry you got up at 4am to put us on our boat back to reality, we told you there was no need, but waking up at 3:30am and then seeing your smile helped offset my grumpiness from no sleep! Thank you and we miss you.

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