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Chicken Burger at Wahleeah Fulham

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I had read interesting things about Wahleeah in Fulham, and on a rainy cold night, we decided to go for a walk and try it. According to the menu, Wahleeah means ‘a powerful craving for something’, but it is a very silly name in my opinion. I could never recall how to spell it or pronounce it when searching for it online and restaurants should use names that stick to your brain and are easy (Bao, Hoppers, etc). Their concept initially was to have a beer-centric menu, where they used beer in every single dish, but our waiter informed us that they have changed it recently and that the menu now doesn’t have as much beer in the food.

The place is cute but it was very empty on Saturday night. The other restaurants in the area were full, but Wahleeah is located on a side street, and the restaurant sign resembles that of a tube stop.

Beers at Wahleeah Fulham

Beers at Wahleeah

What we ate:

Beer marinated grilled prawns: the nicely grilled prawns sat atop a cauliflower salad that was fresh and nice. The prawns were a bit oily and could have been ever crunchier.

Beer marinated grilled prawns at Wahleeah Fulham

Chicken burger topped with bacon cheese, crispy onions and jalapeno relish: we expected minced chicken, but this was a chicken filet with the bacon flavoured cheese on top, that had the consistency of cheese wiz. It was good but not worth £14. The fries could also have been better.

Chicken burger topped with bacon cheese, crispy onions and jalapeno relish at Wahleeah Fulham

Looks better than it tastes! But still tasty chicken burger at Wahleeah

Pan roasted cod fillet, beer lentils, seaweed, Berkswell powder: the fish was nicely cooked but the skin was flaccid, which was not very appealing. The lentils underneath the fish were bordering on cold, and I had to send them back to be warmed up.

Pan roasted cod fillet, beer lentils, seaweed, Berkswell powder at Wahleeah Fulham

If you want to serve the skin, better make it crispy!

Porter cheesecake with chilli sauce: this was the only dish that had a real beer taste, but it didn’t work well, and it also was covered by a layer of beer gelatine that was strange and unnecessary and got immediately removed. I ate two bites and decided to save the calories for the delicious gelato at Ice & Slice, which is but a block away.

Porter cheesecake with chilli sauce at Wahleeah Fulham

Beer cheesecake…? Prefer the classics

In sum: cute place but the food could have been much better. Our server Julian was highly knowledgeable, and perhaps opinionated on the beers, but not at the same level on the food menu. He had an interesting sense of humour, which I took well as I have a pretty thick skin, but I could frankly see it rubbing others up the wrong way. We won’t have a strong ‘Wahleeah’ to go back to this restaurant. The space is cute but I am not a beer aficionado and the food was just average.

Wahleeah Fulham http://wahleeah.uk/

18 Farm Ln, London SW6 1PP

+4420 7381 5769

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Square Meal

Main dining room area at Wahleeah Fulham

Main dining room area

Beer taps at Wahleeah Fulham

Beer tap, fun for a group!

at Wahleeah Fulham

Bar at Wahleeah Fulham

Main bar area at Wahleeah

Meaning of Wahleeah

The Meaning of Wahleeah

Menu at Wahleeah Fulham

Menu at Wahleeah Fulham

Menu at Wahleeah Fulham

Menu at Wahleeah Fulham

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