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Wild Rabbit was my husband’s favourite spot of the trip. I am torn between Wild Rabbit and Daylesford. We actually concluded that if we lived closer we likely would go to both, weekly.

We considered cancelling Wild Rabbit when we heard it was also owned by the same family who also owns Daylesford. But after Saturday’s lunch, we of course couldn’t wait for Sunday’s lunch. The place is amazingly cozy, you enter through the bar, that has a warm nice rolling fire, a bar you want to spend all day at, sipping whatever drink and maybe reading or playing cards.


The restaurant is bright, with lots of skylights and huge glass windows, but still homey with the brick and wood décor. The kitchen is open and you can watch the chefs carefully work on every plate, like pieces of art.


What we ate:


Ravioli of Cornish crab, razor clams, light shellfish bisque: I was told by the manager at Dormy House that this dish was amazing. It was good, but I wouldn’t order again. Needed a little je ne sais quoi, but maybe I am not a huge bisque person and was overwhelmed by bisque


Roast rump of beef, bone marrow, poached tongue and Yorkshire pudding: This was our second attempt at a roast since moving to the UK and as far as roast go, the meat was tender and delicious, while the Yorkshire pudding was a bit too crispy. The potatoes were roasted to perfections and I loved the veggies (aka beets), but tend to think man hate beets and prefer more manly greens. Still, give me a steak with a nice sear any day, and roasts would play second fiddle.



Halibut, samphire and mussels: This was stunning, such a beautiful dish I wanted to paint it, photograph it and keep it to posterity. Dishes usually this gorgeous disappoint on tastes. This didn’t. The saffron added color, but also a rich taste, and the sauce was wintery goodness, rich and creamy with little surprises on every bite, chunks of carrots, little shrimp, and so on./ The fish was white and perfectly cooked. I wish we lived in the Cotswolds, this is the type of food you crave and want to have it every week.


Sticky toffee pudding, butterscotch sauce, coffee ice cream: This dessert could have been invented by us as the perfect combo. And the execution matched how excited we were to order it. The sauce was a dream, we ate every single drop, poured some in our macchiatos, and obviously drizzled any remaining drops on the warm madeleines that came with the coffee. The coffee ice cream should have been described as a latte, as it was mellow coffee. The cake was not super moist but absorbed all the amazing sauce, and made it really one of the best sticky toffees ever. The nougat separating the ice cream from the cake was a little overpowering in taste but served a perfect purpose, separating the cold ice cream from the hot cake, or we would have gotten a puddle of ice cream by the time it got to our table. A tasty puddle but not as visually gorgeous.




The Bar area with two bunnies aroudn the fireplace


The Wild Rabbit

Church Street Kingham Oxfordshire OX7 6YA

+44 01608 658 389

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    Mmmmm, sticky toffee pudding. My all time favorite!!!

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