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I have been looking for a good spot for sushi since we moved to London a year ago and it was just under our nose. Yashin Sushi London was recommended to me by my friend David as soon as we moved but he mentioned it was very pricey so we have been saving it for a good date night. After many attempt at other sushi spots around time and in a week I was having a massive sushi craving we finally decided it was time to try it.

Yashin Sushi London

Adorable entrance

Silly me booked a table versus the counter thinking it would be more romantic – big mistake and we realized it as soon as we walked it and saw all the action happening at the counter and were directed to our table, downstairs in a dark area full of families (nothing against it) and larger groups.


After a lot of begging and sad faces, the hostess took pity on us and found us to spots at the counter so we could watch mesmerized while the sushi chefs slides gorgeous slabs of fish into well manicured little perfect slivers were eagerly devoured with our eyes.


What we ate:

Octopus carpaccio with black tomato ink and scorched rice: he slightly torched the very delicate octopus slices which were served with a very interesting black tomato paste decorating the plate and fun rice crispies that added a very creative texture to the whole dish.



Scottish Salmon with green chilli sauce: thin gorgeous slices of the most perfect salmon sitting atop a light green and vibrant sauce with a slight kick. Beautiful and a must repeat.


Omakase Eight: eight pieces of sushi and the roll of the day which was crab and asparagus. All the sushi at Yashin is meant to be eaten without any soy sauce as they have unique garnishes such as sun dried tomatoes and others.
There were a few nigiri that could have used a bit of soy in our opinion but we were afraid we would get a “soup nazi” equivalent sushi master reaction and refrained from daring to face the consequences.
We ordered 4 of each so we wouldn’t be too jealous of the other person’s sishi but ended pup ordering one extra per person of the tuna with wasabi nigiri which was fatty to perfection and so tasty we couldn’t resist. The big yellow-ish chunks below btw are their ginger which is clearly made there and very tasty.

 Akadashi Cappuccino: traditional deep red miso soup with tofu espuma


In Sum: delicious fresh Japanese food with a creative twist. Prices will depend on how much you eat…..just maybe don’t go ravenous…..but so far our favorite Japanese in London. Our bill was £130 with a bottle of wine and the food above.

Yashin Sushi London http://yashinsushi.com/

1A Argyll Road Kensington London W8 7DB

+44 02079381536

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