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I had a business lunch recently, and I booked 45 Jermyn Street Restaurant as it is close to the office and I had also heard that it was the perfect business lunch type spot. Luckily, my dining companion also loves food and wanted to try and share multiple things. He is also American and had not been introduced to the wonders of such dishes as Welsh Rarebit, which just happens to be one of my absolute favourites! I always need excuses to indulge in rich unhealthy dishes and here I was masquerading again, doing the good deed of introducing such a delicacy to a newbie UK resident!

45 Jermyn Street Restaurant is located adjacent to Fortun & Mason but through a separate entrance on Jermyn Street.

at 45 Jermyn Street Restaurant London

What we ate:

Welsh Rarebit: they offer two versions, one with a poached egg on top (welsh madam?) or one with a slice of bacon. To be honest the traditional is so good already that it usually doesn’t need anything else, but a little bacon never hurts. The rarebit was gooey, rich and indulgent. The Worcester sauce and mustard counterbalanced some of the richness without being overpowering and the cheese was perfectly melted. He loved it and we devoured the whole thing.

Tasty Welsh Rarebit at 45 Jermyn Street Restaurant London

melty and delicious Welsh rarebit (w Bacon) at Tasty Welsh Rarebit at 45 Jermyn Street Restaurant London

Steak Tartare: I had seen some tempting pictures of this dish so we also ordered it to share as a starter. The beef was nice but there were too many capers and it lacked seasoning. The waitress also asked if it was ok to serve it with the egg and then was confused when we asked her to mix it in for us. A tartare without egg? That’s like a rarebit without cheese!

Steak tartare at 45 Jermyn Street Restaurant London

Rainbow Trout with Potato Salad and Monk’s Beard: I had them change the potato salad for celeriac mash as I am mad for celeriac, and after some back and forth with the chef they conceded that they would do it. The fish was nicely cooked but the skin could have been crisper and the monk’s beard was just there for décor as there wasn’t much of it at all. Still, it was a nice simple dish.

Trout with monk's beard at 45 Jermyn Street Restaurant London

Hay Baked Launceston Lamb, Pan Haggerty and Salsa Verde: the dish was ok but the lamb and the potatoes were overcooked.

Lamb and potatoes at 45 Jermyn Street Restaurant London

Lamb and potatoes

Valrhona Caraibe Chocolate Bomb: our waitress once again really struggled to explain the various desserts and we decided to test their chocolate bomb. It seems like chocolate bombs are the new molten chocolate cake and I have seen them featuring on a lot of menus recently. This one was surprisingly delicious and even though I had told myself that I would just try it and have a few bites, I had my fair half and kept going back for more. It was so much better than the one at the Ivy Garden in Chelsea. The sauce was dark and rich and not overly sweet, but the caramel ice cream was creamy and delicious and even the chocolate dome was nice. A winner!

at 45 Jermyn Street Restaurant London

Delicious chocolate bomb at at 45 Jermyn Street Restaurant London

In sum: nice ambiance but much better for lunch as it could feel subdued for a dinner night out. Our server was clueless and lacked common sense so sadly service doesn’t win many points, but can always be the case of one bad server among many better ones. I would go back for breakfast or lunch in Mayfair, as it’s a good alternative to the ever so popular Wolseley. I would be delighted with the rarebit and chocolate bomb as my meal.

45 Jermyn St Restaurant London


45 Jermyn St., 45 Jermyn St, St. James’s, London SW1 6DN

Phone:020 7205 4545

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Square Meal

Main dining room at 45 Jermyn Street Restaurant London

Main dining room at 45 Jermyn Street Restaurant London

Bar area at 45 Jermyn Street Restaurant London

The bar area at 45 Jermyn Street Restaurant London

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