Bondi Harvest Los Angeles: Healthy Brunch in West LA

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I moved to Los Angeles from London (hardest move ever) and have been so busy in the new job that I get home very late and am way too exhausted to write my blog. It makes me so sad not to be doing it more often, even more so when we are eating out quite often as the corporate apartment’s kitchen is not the most inviting thing in the world.

Bondi Harvest Los Angeles

Bondi Harvest Los Angeles

But I miss writing and I’m finally doing my first Los Angeles post.

One of our favorite weekend routines is to go to pilates (during the week we never go together) and then follow it up with a delicious brunch. Sadly I am still to find a good pilates class in LA (isn’t this city supposed to be the exercise Mecca of the world?) but I finally found a great brunch spot. We tried a few in the last month and nothing stood out until Bondi Harvest came into our lives. We went to a Pilates booty class (poor Stewart…but at least he could oggle girls doing squats) and then walked 45 min to our brunch. We probably broke all LA records for street walking for the week!

Bondi Harvest is an adorable spot in a cute alley. At first we thought that we were in the wrong place until we saw all the healthy people in gym clothes photographing their avocado toasts.

Bondi Harvest Los Angeles alley seating

Bondi Harvest Los Angeles alley seating

We waited on line for a bit (worth it) and had a strawberry scone which was absolutely scrumptious to deal with our hunger till beautiful bowls of food were delivered by our smiley Aussie waiter in his surf shirt.

Bondi Harvest Los Angeles ordering counter

Bondi Harvest Los Angeles ordering counter

I had the Rainbow bowl with chimichurri, cauli rice and quinoa, picked vegetables, avocado, wilted kale, nori and a perfectly cooked egg. It was pretty as it was tasty.

Bondi Harvest Los Angeles rainbow bowl

Bondi Harvest Los Angeles rainbow bowl – after I mixed it all in

Stewart had the Whirley bowl with cauli rice, market fish, slaw and a yoghurt tartar and hand chopped salsa. I liked mine better but he preferred his own.

Bondi Harvest Los Angeles Whirley bowl

Bondi Harvest Los Angeles Whirley bowl

We loved our healthy meals but we want to go back as soon as possible, me for their pancakes and Stewart for their burger.

At the end of lunch he said: “see Sam, Los Angeles is not so bad “. We liked Bondi Harvest but still not even close to the best brunches in Parsons Green!

Adorable spot! Must come back-often.

Bondi Harvest Santa Monica (weekends they close at 2pm and weekdays at 4pm)

1814 Berkeley St, Santa Monica, CA 90404

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    Lesley Pittaway

    Looks great!! A little piece of Australia to remind you of me in LA! Miss you xx

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