Best Greek in London: Estatorio Milos Review

Estatorio Milos London Review

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When I was at Milos in New York with my friend Kay, the manager told us they would be opening a restaurant in London within a couple of months. We eagerly awaited the Milos London opening and as soon as they started serving lunch service, I suggested it for a work meal.

I often used to go to Milos in Las Vegas for Lunch, as they had a fantastic deal for three courses for around $25. I was wondering if they would have a similarly good deal in London, and was very pleasantly surprised to see the menu for £29. I was also happy that they served several of the same dishes such as the octopus starter and dorade main.

You enter the restaurant through a massive, gorgeous and grandiose wooden door. The restaurant is all white and marble, with high ceilings from what was originally British Columbia House on Regent Street.

Estatorio Milos London Review

Entrance at Estatorio Milos London

Estatorio Milos London Review

Beautiful dining area at Estatorio Milos London

What we ate:

We started with some crusty grilled bread with Greek olive oil and fresh oregano snipped from the branch at the table.

Estatorio Milos London Review

Grilled bread with olive oils and fresh oregano

Fried calamari: we ordered a portion for the table. I am usually not into fried foods, but these were the best fried calamari I’ve had recently, maybe even ever. They were lightly coated in batter, were very tender and were served piping hot, and deep the frying seemed remarkably light.

Estatorio Milos London Review

Fried calamari at Estatorio Milos London

Stuffed calamari: another dish we ordered to share. One massive squid, stuffed with three Greek cheeses. They serve it with a very sharp knife. That is the only way to slice it, but like the fried version, they worked their magic, and it was not rubbery at all and had the perfect texture with nice grilling marks – a very good dish.

Estatorio Milos London Review

Grilled and stuffed squid at Estatorio Milos London

Salmon tartare: a nicely executed dish with beautiful cubes of salmon, slightly tossed in dressing with fresno chilies, shallots and coriander.

Estatorio Milos London Review

Salmon tartare at Estatorio Milos London

Greek salad: it seems boring to order Greek salad, as it’s not very creative or unique but their version is as good as it gets. The tomatoes are plump and ripe, and the feta is tangy and delicious, and everything gets tossed in a light vinaigrette.

Estatorio Milos London Review

Greek salad at Estatorio Milos London

Grilled octopus: morsels of perfectly cooked octopus that was seared and crisp on the outside, tender and white on the inside.

Estatorio Milos London Review

Grilled octopus at Estatorio Milos London

Grilled dorade (aka bream): a very generous portion of well-cooked white and flaky grilled fish with just a drizzle of olive oil, served with two broccoli and cauliflower flowerets. Healthy and tasty, with only the issue is there are quite a few tiny bones.

Estatorio Milos London Review

Grilled dorade at Estatorio Milos London

Walnut cake: reminds me of the Brazilian wedding cakes as it is one of the most traditional flavours at home. The only difference is that this one has orange and spices, versus the Brazilian version which has a layer of baba de moça (young lady drooling when you translate it…), an egg yolk, coconut milk and sugar filling.

Estatorio Milos London Review

Walnut cake at Estatorio Milos

Yoghurt parfait: a simple but creamy Greek yoghurt with a berry purée.

Estatorio Milos London Review

Fruit platter: once again, simple but beautiful and ripe fruits.

Estatorio Milos London Review

Fresh fruit at Estatorio Milos

Home-made Baklava ice cream: I had this in New York, and it was so good that I had to order some for everyone to try. It was just as good as I remembered and filled with crunchy bites of filo, almonds and tasty cinnamon.

Estatorio Milos London Review

Baklava ice cream at Estatorio Milos London

In sum: tasty; a great deal for the lunch menu; a perfect place for a business lunch. It gets a lot more expensive from the à la carte menu. (The beautiful carabinieros, or gorgeous massive shrimps that we were tempted by were £140/kg.) The ambiance is better for lunch, with the natural light filling the all-white décor. Service was slow, but they are probably getting it together, as they only just recently opened. And Assunta Madre also serves fresh fish in London but I prefer Estatorio Milos as the food is tastier and the setting is lovely.

Milos London

1 Regent St
London SW1Y 4NR

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Square Meal

Dishes I didn’t try but my colleagues ordered…

Estatorio Milos London Review

Tuna Burger at Estatorio Milos London

Estatorio Milos London Review

Lobster pasta at Estatorio Milos London



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