Little Chelsea Fish Market Review

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We were looking at real estate in the area and decided to pop into the Little Chelsea Fish Market, as my friend Seema has told us it was good and we had also walked by it with our friend Jeff the other day and he too said that it was a good local spot. Luckily they were able to accommodate us without a booking. The friendly service started from that moment, as the host was so gracious and sweet.

Little Chelsea Fish Market Review

You can select your wine, fish and produce from their own little “market”

I also was under severe instructions from a doctor to do an exclusion diet for a week because of a crazy allergy I’ve been getting, so the foods I could eat were a bit limited, which is absolute torture, as I am obviously totally food obsessed and looking at a menu and drooling over things I can’t consume is murder, better to keep the allergy…..

What we ate:

Crispy octopus with honey, lemon and chilly: they bring a little sampler plate with various nibbles to different tables. Ours had olives (my most hated food) and some smoked, marinated fishes (the smoked salmon was way too salty).

Little Chelsea Fish Market Review


Since the table next to us had gotten the octopus and it looked great, we ordered some. It was melt in your mouth tender but with a nice sear outside and the honey balanced nicely with the chilly. I wish I could have tasted the lemon on it but we had to order without it because of the damn exclusions (all fruits for example).

Little Chelsea Fish Market Review

Lobster linguini with spicy chorizo, Surf clams, Sicilian baby plum tomatoes and coral butter: this was not just gorgeous but very tasty. Interesting mix of flavours and generous chunks of lobster.

Little Chelsea Fish Market Review

Grilled sea bass in salt crust: I ate this and they charge by 100g and to be honest, for less than £4 per 100 grams it came to less than £20 for a gorgeous and generous portion of very moist and delicious sea bass. It comes with cauliflower and potatoes as sides already, as well as pesto, tzatziki and also a red pepper sauce. I didn’t know about the sauces, so ordered some mushrooms from their produce wall, which were very good, albeit slightly salty.

Little Chelsea Fish Market Review

Grilled asparagus with prosciutto: I ordered it without the hollandaise and the asparagus was fresh and good but the prosciutto could have been slightly thinner and crispier.

Little Chelsea Fish Market Review

The service was spotless and amazingly friendly and great. Everyone was very accommodating of the irritating food exclusions and were very sweet about everything. When the bill came, they charged us one extra water bottle but forgot to charge the two glasses of wine and when we mentioned, they told us not to worry at all.

They also have a garden in the back that looks very cute but is just open at lunch for now.

In sum: Little Chelsea Fish Market serves very tasty and fresh seafood in an adorable setting with fantastic and friendly service. A great neighbourhood spot for an easy night out. I also really want to go back and try their seven layer sinful brownie with layers of chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallow and salted caramel, served with vanilla ice cream, pretzel and magic shell! Sounds insanely indulgent and delicious, can’t wait! Three more days and I will be on an inclusion diet of bring everything on!

Little Chelsea Fish Market

14 Hollywood Road Kensington London SW10 9HY

+4420 7460 0875

Little Chelsea Fish Market Review

You can select your wine, produce and fish by the entrance

Little Chelsea Fish Market Review

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