Kensington Square Kitchen London Review

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If you miss American breakfast and are nostalgic of cute little east village type places or even LA, Kensington Square Kitchen kits the spot.

What we ate:
Have been multiple times so:

Pancakes: I ordered one “for the table”, my way of getting something I really want, but that I don’t want to eat alone as my main course. They are Amazing. Almost as good as the ones from modern pantry. Fluffy, yummy and rich

Eggs special baked with tomatoes and veggies: spicy and hearty

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon: good but left me hungry

Eggs Florentine: perfect. The muffin was the right consistency and egg oozing the right amount

Croque Madame: that’s the I will go all out hangover food. Perfect.

Pastries: surprisingly not as good as the rest


You can’t go wrong. Menu changes daily so what can go wrong is that you may go in craving pancakes or something else but that is not on the menu…..

9 Kensington Square, London W8 5EP

+44 020 7938 2598





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