Pizza East Notting Hill London: Review

Our Rating

Love going out with a huge group of people who are happy to order loads of food. And share. Had a friend visiting from the US and he introduced me to a lovely greek friend and family. They took care of ordering and went nuts (in a good way). They have a fun table upstairs at Pizza East in Notting Hill that fits a large group.

What we ate:

Lamb meatballs: juicy and tasty.

Wild mushroom croquettes: would have had several if there want so much else to try

Butter lettuce and avocado salad: surprisingly tasty in its simplicity

Buffalo mozzarella, fig, speck: hard to go wrong

Quinoa salad: I had high hopes but after a bite decided to go back and eat more lamb meatballs

Pizzas: good but I am a tough critic as I think Brazilian pizzas are unbeatable so…. I ordered the crispy pork belly “for the table”. So amazingly delicious. Crazy good.

In Sum
Perfect place for a group or fun people watching and a casual meal
Musts: meatballs and pork belly
Surprisingly good: Butter lettuce salad
Save the calories: bread

Pizza East Notting Hill

310 Portobello Rd, London W10 5TA

+44 020 8969 4500

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