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Q grill smoked chicken salad

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Saturday was one of those days in London that makes you fall even more deeply in love with the city. Gorgeous blue skies, warm but not humid and sticky like NY in the summer. We rented Barclays bikes (http://www.tfl.gov.uk/modes/cycling/barclays-cycle-hire) in Hyde Park and biked through the park trying to avoid the crowds that had come out to enjoy the rare weather. I would do it again for sure  but just in the park, not on the streets like loads of people do as I still get confused on what side cars are coming from…

Our goal was to have Pinkberry at Selfridges and then run some errands but it was 5pm and we decided to try the new pop-up of Q Grill on the roof instead. Finding it is not very easy and you have to take the elevator from the ground floor close to Chanel.

Q Grill

On the roof with Q

The space is absolutely great with nice views of the city and a make you drool menu full of yummy things. I was trying to be somewhat healthy and Stewart was in a full BBQ mood.

On the roof with Q Grill

On the roof with Q Grill pastries

What we ate:

Smoked chicken, blue cheese & apple salad: delicious and rich. I was clearly fooling myself with being healthy and finished every last morsel of blue cheese on the plate. The endive leaves and radicchio were fresh and crisp and the chicken was tender. The dressing was creamy but not overly so.

Q grill smoked chicken salad

Smoked cheddar glazed spelt & chorizo: This side dish was absolutely delicious. Hard to go wrong with cheddar and chorizo and they did it well. Very creamy and rich and gooey. The table next to ours was mesmerized by our spelt dish and couldn’t resist ordering some too.

Q Grill spelt with cheddar and chorizo

Griddled courgettes: since my salad was on the small side (it was not a main course to be fair), I ordered the grilled courgettes to supplement it and they were absolutely delicious. Grilled, almost charred with sprinkled bread crumbs on it.

Q Grill grilled courgettes

Pit grilled ribs: Stewart debated the merits of a full order versus half order and ended up going with the half order which was still very generous. The ribs were very good but not as good as the ones we used to make in Vegas with a now discontinued sauce from Fatty Cue. But they were well cooked and a good balance of sweet and spicy.

Q Grill ribs

In sum: very good spot for a casual lunch, drinks or a nice dinner on a good weather day. Easy, casual and well executed.

On the roof with Q Grill http://q-grill.co.uk/on-the-roof-with-q/

Selfridges & Co
400 Oxford Street London W1A 1AB

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