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After a weekend of castles and exploring the English and Scottish countryside we were ready for a good warm meal. I strongly recommend some of the castles we saw: and were fantastic. I also have been craving mussels and even went to the Wolseley ( )last week specifically for mussels, to find out they are now out of season in London (wherever it is London gets them from…). Thankfully, they are still in season in Scotland.

The Ship on the Shore is on the Leith district of the city, on the water and is corky in an adorable way with loads of seafood related tchotchkes. They also are very focused on Champagne and that is always a good sign of a good meal to come!


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What we ate:

Oysters: massively huge oysters, a bit too big for my taste. But my husband loved them and said they were as fresh as it gets

The Ship on the Shore oysters

Steamed Shetland Mussels with Garlic & Herbs & Chips: plump and juicy and absolutely delicious, delivered in a massive bowl. The only negative is it took me ages to get close to the bottom of the pot and be able to try the jus left from the mussels plus onions and subtle garlic. At that point I was full and unable to have more than a slice or so of bread to mop the juice…and it was so good. Next time I am putting some of the mussels on the side and eating more bread soaked with tasty mussel goodness.

The Ship on the Shore mussels

Ship’s Seafood Chowder: a bit too creamy (I guess chowder always is) and too smoky. Wouldn’t have been my order of choice but unfortunately not all dining companions are willing to have their decisions influenced by what I want to eat…..


Battered Haddock with Ship’s Chips & Mushy Peas: absolutely delicious. The fish was perfectly white and flaky as per the picture and the batter was as light as could be. It did need some extra salt and the vinegar added a nice touch. The mushy peas were mediocre but the rest was so good and plentiful that it didn’t matter.

The Ship on the Shore fish n chips

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice-Cream: I had been telling my mother-in-law for 4 days that she needed to try sticky toffee and that she would love it. She doesn’t eat chocolate as it gives her migraines (I would still eat it and suffer as for me, no chocolate is tragic). As they had never tried it, they loved it. It was good but nothing compared to the one at the Wild Rabbit ( or The Abingdon ( in London.


Pain au Chocolat & Croissant Pudding: maybe because we had the sticky toffee next to it, just failed in comparison. There was not enough chocolate and the texture was a but mushy and uninteresting.


In sum: great meal, cool corky place with very fresh yummy seafood.


The Ship on The Shore (

24-26 Shore, Leith Edinburgh, EH6 6QN





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